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Dr Kale with Sonia GandhiThe International Healing Forum offers different healing systems based on non traditional methods without medicine and without side effects for all acute and chronic problems on all levels like Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Aura and Spiritual etc. The International Healing Forum is a Joint efforts of the SAI CLINIC, BHOPAL (INDIA) represented by its founder and Consultant Grand Reiki Master Dr.Sameer Kale and THE ODESSA REIKI CLINIC,ODESSA(UKRAINE)represented by Grand Reiki Master M'dam Larisa Kovaleva. The International Healing Forum conducts the different Reiki and Meditation Programs of Dr.Sameer Kale of India in the Ukraine,Bulgaria and other European countries from time to time.Dr.Sameer Kale is also recipient of many prestigious awards like THE INTERNATIONAL MAN OF THE MILLENNIUM AWARD,GEM OF THE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AWARD,SHIROMANI AWARD,GOLD MEDAL,EMINENT PHYSICIAN'S AWARD,NATIONAL HEALTH EXCELLENCE AWARD ETC.ETC.

  • M'dam Larisa Kovaleva who is also the Grand Reiki Master of Traditional Reiki, Master of Karuna Reiki has also contributed her services for the development of the International Healing Forum.


  • The International Healing Forum has an efficient and brilliant Coordinator Mr.Gennady Ballandin who is constantly on move to find new avenues for the progress and development of the IHF.
    The main Purpose of the International Healing Forum is to spread the messsage of non-medicinal, non-toxic and drug free society for the people of India and the abroad. We also invite people to discuss different alternative systems of medicine which may be beneficial for the people and society. In this regard our Organisation offers some new avenues which are open to all who wish to share their work and contribution in the field of alternative medicine. Telefax number + 91 755 3092397
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