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Traditional usui reiki,

Dr.Mikao Usui of Kyoto, JapanThe Traditional Reiki was developed by Dr.Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan in the 19th century. This system was rediscovered from the "LOTUS SUTRAS" of Buddhism. Dr.Mikao Usui was enlightened at the Kuriyama Mountains in Kyoto and he passed his knowledge to Dr.Chujiro Hayashi. Then in this Lineage, M'dam Hawayo Takata, M'dam Phyllissis Furumoto, M'dam Paula Horan,M'dam Barbara Szepan etc. also joined and contributed their services towards the development of the Traditional Reiki. This system is also known as "Usui Shiki Ryoho" in Japanese Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy which is everywhere. We trap this The Human body and the chakra system acording to Hindu Mythology Crown Chakra Third eye Chakra Throat Chakra Heart Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Sacral Chakra Root Chakra This represents the Kundalini cosmic energy into the chakras and this process is known as the 'Attunement process'. Everyone has to go through this process to learn and become a Reiki channel. In the reiki system of healing, a channel doen't provide any energy to the person but on the other hand, the person receives the energy from the reiki channel. The reiki balances the energy in the body and so there is no side-effects. This Reiki works well on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Psychological Levels. The Chakra system of our body is shown here. Normally, The Four Upper Chakras are Attuned in this system.

This also includes the attunement, Meditations and Healing techniques. Those who wish to know the basics of Reiki, must join the Traditional Reiki programs. The Traditional Reiki provides 3 sacred symbols in Level 2 as there is no symbol is provided in the level-I. In Traditional Reiki, one can do level 1 and 2 keeping a gap of minimum 21 days which is also known as the cleansing period and Dr.Mikao Usui also suggested this for the betterment of the chakras. In the Traditional Reiki, programs for level-I, level-II, master healer, Mastership and Grand Mastership are organised. SHRI SHIV SAI has guided me for various forms of attunements in the Traditional Reiki system. We have about 400 methods of attunements available with us for all levels upto the Grand Master Level. In the Traditional Reiki, we attune people on the lower chakras too for the total benefit of the Traditional Reiki. All programs include the necessary litreture, attunement,teachings and the certificate too.

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