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Q. What is Reiki all about and what is the concept behind it?
Ans. Reiki is the name given in Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy which is present always in this cosmos and flowing all the time.
Q. What does it literally mean?
Ans. The cosmic energy is present in the universe and we all are composed of this energy. This is life actually and our body absorbs this energy from the cosmos and this energy is stored in the Chakras. When we need the energy we can use this energy if we are attuned to this energy level.
Q. Is Reiki an ancient science?
Ans. Yes, ofcourse. It has the origin from India only.
Q. Is it a therapy?
Ans. Yes.
Q. How is Reiki different from the other conventional modes of therapy?
Ans. In reiki therapy, we can heal someone without side-effects and without medicines. It is based on balancing of the energy level in the body.
Q. Why did you take up Reiki?
Ans. It is totally free from side-effects, works well on almost all diseases on all physical, mental, emotional, psychological, aura and spiritual levels. Secondly, we have a big satisfaction that without medicine, without pain, without surgery, the person can be healed. So, I took up reiki in my life.
Q. How long have you been practicing Reiki?
Ans. Since 1994, 6 years.
Q. Where did you learn Reiki? From whom?
Ans. I have learned different reiki systems from different reiki masters, please visit my site at for more information.
Q. What kind of people generally come to you for help?
Ans. All categories of people. Lower, middle and higher class.
Q. How does Reiki heal?
Ans. It balances the energy level at that particular organ where the person has some problems and the person is healed. The uniqueness of the Reiki is that it works always on the root cause of the disease or the problem.
Q. How is it different from other therapies?
Ans. Being based on the energy concept , the reiki is totally different from other therapies. Then it balances the energy in the body and due to this the problem is solved. This therapy works well on all levels and all types of acute and chronic problems.
Q. Has there been any unusual experience that you have come across while doing Reiki?
Ans. Yes , many times I feel something is coming out of my hands, something is flowing from my hands very fast, colours, aura, and spiritual experiences I have during healing someone.
Q.Does Reiki go hand-in-hand with other cures?
Ans.Yes, Reiki passes through one person to another but it doesn't harm anybody being positive energy.
Q. Who is Shri Shiv Sai? Do they have physical existence?
Ans. SHRI SHIV SAI is my spiritual guide for Omni Healing, Divya Sutra Healing, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Rudraksha Therapy etc. Shri Shiv Sai is the power combination of Lord Shiva, Shirdi Sai Baba and Shri Satya Sai Baba. In this combination, Shri Satya Sai Baba has his physical existence and all guidance and messages are coming from him for almost all the systems including the Traditional Reiki, Osho Neo Reiki and Karuna Reiki too.
Q. What will be the best time between Omni Healing I II and III?
Ans. 7 days between I & II and minimum 30 days between II & III.
Q.Is there a difference between people who already practice Reiki and those who don't do?
Ans. No difference for traditional-I but in case of traditional-II, they have slightly more energy before receiving the Omni attunement for level-I. People who don't practice reiki, they are attuned with the hight power right from the level-I.
Q.How long needs the programm from one Level?
Ans. This depends on the strength of the group. Normally 6 hours- 12 hours time is needed for Omni healing-I.
Q. And does the litreature include the signs, if we are no more sure some days later or when you are back in India?
Ans. Yes of course, the litreature is provided with the symbols, healing methods etc.
Q.How is it possible to misuse this unique energy?
Ans. It is not at all possible to misuse the energy being a positive energy. So, don't worry.
Q. Does a person, that wants to go on in Omni Healing, have to learn 350 methods of attunements too?
Ans. No, not necessary. The attunement methods are taught in the mastership program or level-IIIB program and not before.
Q. To withdraw the energy, does it mean for this special case or for ever?
Ans. Depends on the case. Both the options are possible.
Q. Is it possible to feel the healthy problems of a person during a distant healing, when doing it in only 10 minutes?
Ans. Yes. It also depends upon the healer's ability and practice.
Q. When Omni is so powerful, isn't there the danger, a person could get problems because of too much energy?
Ans. As already stated, the Omni energy is the positive energy. So it doesn't harm in any way. The more energy and more power is helpful for healing all the acute and chronic problems on the other hand. This is the uniqueness of this program.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible. Telefax number + 91 755 3092397
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