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Selection of 'charged' Crystals and Gemstones - This page may take longer to load fully but it is worth it!

Below you find pictures of crystals, gemstones, rings and rudraksha's that are availabe to buy at the Sai Clinic and from Dr Kale when he travels to spread Omni Healing. All are charged with powerful healing energies which are explained below each picture.

If you are interested in buying these then simply email Dr Kale and this can be arranged


The above crystal Tortoise is charged with energies making it useful for cleaning of the negavity and prosperity

The above is suitable for enhancing prosperity in life and is charged with both Yang and Ying energy.

Clear quartz crystal pyramids and rose quartz crystal.

Rudraksha's and Rings

The above is a rudraksha bracelet which is good for blood circulation and both mental and physical health. All rudrakshas are 5 division.

There are a wide selection available. To see how different division rudrakshas can help you, click here



The Rings above are good for......


The above are Shiva Crystals

The above are Shakti Crystals Telefax number + 91 755 3092397
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